For New Players

All you need to know in order to play DoragonLand

How to start?

To get started, you will need to collect at least 8 different cards in order to join PvP battles in DoragonLand. There is no specific ratio of dragon - building - spell cards required. However, you are recommended to have all of them in the deck to maximize the combat strength as cards can complement each other.

Users can get cards by purchasing NFT packs from DoragonLand (which is released occasionally) or go to buy from other users on Mirana Marketplace ( Currently, $DOR is the only currency accepted for NFT card trading on our marketplace. Cards have the rarity from Common to Rare, Epic, and Legendary. More details on the type of cards and their key indexes will be presented in our next session "Cards".

When using Mirana Marketplace, you can easily find your desired cards using the given filters: type of cards, level, mana cost...

DoragonLand also offers the card upgrade feature in which you can sync 2 cards of same type and level to get another higher level card. As a result, 2 old cards will be burnt.

Playing DoragonLand

To start playing the game, please visit the DoragonLand homepage at then click on the "Play Now" button. You will be directed to the game page. Now connect your Metamask wallet. Below is the game home screen after you successfully connect your wallet.

Here you will find all basic information including your wallet address, your ranking, the amount of gold, and DOR you own. To select cards for the battle, click on the "Card" button on the left side of the "Battle" button.

On the "Card" screen, scroll down to view your cards. Click into any card and select "Use" to put it into the battle deck or select "Info" to view card description and key indexes. The card upgrade function will also be shown here.

After you have selected enough 8 cards, go back to the battle screen and click "Battle" to find an opponent.

Once the system can match you with a suitable user, the battle will start right away. Below is the in-battle screen. Let's get to understand the main components.

Each card will cost a certain amount of mana to play so you should be very careful and quick in calculating and selecting cards to optimize the mana you have, protecting your towers and successfully defeating enemy's towers too. You'd better study carefully our cards list to know each card's features and best use them.

Each battle will last for 2 minutes and the user who destroy more towers of the opponent will be the winner. In case the number of damaged towers of both sides is equal, you will get into the bonus time of 60s which is also called the "Sudden Death". Mana will recover at double speed during bonus time. When a tower is defeated, "Sudden Death" stops and the battle will end, too.

The winner will get rewards of gold, DOR, and rank points. The loser still gets gold but no DOR and their rank points get deducted also.

DoragonLand allows users to claim rewards once per day at a fixed time but users can decide to claim rewards daily or weekly, it depends on their own decision.

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