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From the Free-to-Play update onward, Free-to-Play will be displayed as the default mode when a new player signs up.

How to set up Free-to-Play future New players can click on Play as Guest button when first opening the game. Players can later link their Metamask wallet or email address for preferences. A basic deck of 8 NFT cards including Orc Giant, Doragon, Dual Shooter, Sky Patrol, Splashy, Skeleton, Rain of Fire, and Tesla will be assigned to every Free-to-Play player. Players can use the deck to engage in thrilling battles and earn decent profits.

Free-to-Play players can reroll 1 random NFT card in the basic deck using DOR. Players can choose to use the new rerolled NFT card or keep the original one, however, the rerolling cost will still be deducted. Here is the breakdown of the rerolling cost:

Common: 50 DOR

Rare: 200 DOR

Epic: 1500 DOR

Earning in Free-to-Play feature Free-to-Play players will receive a default earning rate of 30%. After connecting Metamask wallet, the system will automatically check how many DoragonLand NFTs a player owns. Thereby, this will indicate the earning rate a player shall receive based on the number of NFTs they own.


To have the excellent experience with DoragonLand free-to-play feature, please take note of these following notices!

1️⃣ You will lose your current game progress & purchases made on your guest account if you delete/ reinstall/ clearcache app or change devices. It is not possible to restore the account once deleted. To guarantee that your data will be safety stored, please linking your email or Metamask Wallet.

2️⃣ You must have at least 8 different cards to switch to "Play to earn" user. (Your earning rate will be still increased by 100% when having at least 8 random cards)

3️⃣ The amount of DOR you must pay for rerolling card will be increased in proportion to the number of NFTs you have

4️⃣ Right after you click to reroll card, the payment will be immediately processed whether you accept or not

5️⃣ The reward is not displayed as decimal digital number, but will still be cumulative

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