Type of PvE mode: Normal stage and Boss stage

Normal stage

Instead of using 3 towers against 3 towers like in PvP mode, in this stage players will use their warriors to fight 1/2/3 tower in 3 minutes. Users will get rewards whether they win or lose (50 gold for winning and 10 gold for defeat).

Boss stage

In this stage, users have 5 minutes to fight with the boss, which are the dragons in the game but with their magnified size and great attack stats. Because of its difficulty, the reward players receive will be higher than in the normal stage. Players can earn 15 Dor plus 100 gold if they can beat the boss.

Users have 3 free PvE tickets per day. There will be one playback time after 5 hours or the user can shorten this time by using DOR to buy the play directly (15 DOR per 1 turn). PvE mode journey is separated into chapters, each of which has ten levels. 4 normal stages will be mixed with 1 boss stage. You will receive extra rewards after completing one chapter: 1 piece of gacha plus 200 gold (10 pieces of gacha will make 1 gacha).

Above is the basic information about PvE mode. Hope it provides you with the first understanding about this mode.

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