Green Dragon Nest
Rarity: Rare Attack: Melee
Mana Cost: 5 Hit Speed: 0 Range: 0 Hit points: 400 Damage: 0
Spike Dragons spawned all the way! Every 4 seconds a Spike Dragon will spawn and deal some considerable damage to the enemy's towers in this 5 Mana ancient looking building. They can easily form a team behind a tank, causing significantly more damage to towers, although they are still vulnerable to splash damage.
Splashy Tower
Rarity: Rare Attack: Ranged
Mana Cost: 4 Range: 6 Hit points: 640 Damage: 150
This ground-only building fires bombs that cause moderate splash damage at a reasonable rate, making it ideal for swarms. This building is one of the most efficient against ground units in the game, because of its medium hitpoints, 4 Mana cost, and Death Damage.
Mana Well
Rarity: Rare Attack: Melee
Mana Cost: 6 Range: 0 Hit points: 580 Damage: 0
A mana for...a mana, but more! This passive well has moderate health and the potential to produce additional Mana for 6 Mana. This will make massive pushes much easier to play, but because to its sensitivity to spells and expensive cost, this well is fraught with danger.
Mortar Dragon
Rarity: Common Attack: Ranged
Mana Cost: 4 Hit Speed: 5 Range: 3.5-11.5 Hit points: 575 Damage: 104
Because of the tower's blind area, it's difficult to prevent these explosive fireball shells from striking it and doing a lot of damage. Any enemy troop who goes too close will be disregarded. This building's versatility comes from its ability to snipe towers, modest hitpoints, and low cost of 4 Mana, yet its relatively slow hitspeed means it frequently need additional support against any unit that isn't one shot by its assault.
Rarity: Common Attack: Ranged
Mana Cost: 4 Range: 5.5 Hit points: 450 Damage: 90
The Tesla has moderate health and damage for 4 Mana, can fight Hopping Dragon and The Carrier on its own, and can handle small swarms. It hides underground while no one is around, preventing any damage from being done.
Dragon Tomb
Rarity: Rare Attack: Melee
Mana Cost: 3 Range: 0 Hit points: 220 Damage: 0
A low-cost spawner that creates Dragon Skeletons every few seconds and has moderate hitpoints for only 3 Mana. When the building is destroyed, four more terrifying Dragon Skeletons appear to exact vengeance. The generated Dragon Skeletons, as well as the avenging ones, can easily distract and eliminate single-target units, making this structure extremely useful.
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