Token Utilities

DOR is the utility token in the game which can be used in various cases:

  • Participating in the game: Players could use DOR to buy dragons and in-game items on the marketplace. Through gameplay, players use their characters and show their skills and different strategies to fight in the battles. Winners will receive rewards with dragons and in-game items as rewards.

  • Trading on the marketplace: By owning tokens, DOR token holders participate in the decentralized financial market to earn more profit. Also, players can buy their NFTs on the market to upgrade their dragon warriors. Vice versa, players can sell these NFT items to get DOR back.

  • Besides the play-to-earn mechanism in the game, players can also gain passive income from the engagement in the game. Staking is a feature in DoragonLand in which users can stake DOR in versatile use cases up to one’s preference. Other activities like farming, minting, betting will also be updated in the future.

  • DOR holders can use DOR to settle payments for transaction on the marketplace.

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