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Dragon troops, buildings, and magic spells are represented as cards.
Before each match, players construct a deck of eight cards to use for attacking and defending against their opponent’s cards. At the beginning of each battle, four randomly chosen cards will be assigned to each player.
Each card costs a certain amount of mana to play. Once a card is played, a new card is automatically drawn from the player’s eight-card deck.
DoragonLand NFTs are cards that are divided into 3 categories: dragon, building, and spell. The cards have four rarities, a maximum of 10 levels: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. DoragonLand NFTs standard: ERC-1155 How to buy DoragonLand NFT cards? Go to Mirana Marketplace: https://doragonland.mirana.market/card Currently, Mirana supports Metamask only and the accepted currency for trading is $DOR so make sure you connect to the right wallet address. How to transfer DoragonLand NFT cards to another wallet? If you have cards already in your wallet and want to give them as a gift to your friends, follow the below instructions to transfer our DoragonLand NFT cards.
Step 1: Visit DoragonLand NFT smart contract on BSC: https://bscscan.com/address/0x8dB638762965663963fdb20A88B498C7C16Ec710#writeContract then Connect Wallet. Step 2: Roll down to the section: 10.safeTransferForm and fill in the information. Clarification
from (address): your wallet address
to (address): recipient wallet address
id (uint256): card ID — ex: 101, 201,… (card ID is shown in the upper left corner of your card in the marketplace)
amount (uint256): number of cards you want to transfer
data (bytes): please fill in as “0x0”
Step 3: Click “Write” then approve the transaction on Metamask.
Yes, you’ve done. Your NFT card is on the way to your friend’s wallet address.