Rarity: Common

Mana Cost: 3

Radius: 4

Area Damage: 144

A 3 Mana rain of Fire Arrows will obliterate the sky. Its moderate damage and vast radius make it easy to destroy swarms and weak foes, but it falls short against troops with higher health.

Rarity: Rare Mana Cost: 4

Radius: 2.5

Area Damage: 325

Meteor! A fiery rock pummels the Arena and anything else in its small radius dealing significant damage to all enemy dragons and buildings, air or ground, for 4 Mana. It can even knock back some ground dragons! It easily destroys low hitpoint dragons and cripples medium hitpoint units.

Rarity: Epic Mana Cost: 4

Radius: 3

Area Damage: 72

For 4 seconds, this 4 Mana spell disables and slightly damages dragons and buildings. It has the ability to catch players off guard, assist your dragons in winning trades, and frequently secure a victory. Alternatively, utilize it as a last-ditch defense by freezing opposing dragons on their way to your tower.

Rarity: Epic Mana Cost: 3

Radius: 1.5

Area Damage: 0

3 Goblagons for 3 Mana, spawnable everywhere in the Arena, ideal for a surprise attack! It can deliver massive damage to towers for a ridiculously little cost if neglected, however these Goblagons are readily countered by swarms or spells, and they strike slowly.

Rarity: Epic Mana Cost: 6

Radius: 3.5

Area Damage: 660

Lightning strikes the three units in a huge area with the highest hitpoints for 6 Mana, crippling or annihilating them. There's also a half-second stun at the end as a bonus! It's useful at destroying support troops in a large assault, but it's useless against small units and swarms.

Rarity: Epic Mana Cost: 3

Radius: 5

Area Damage: 0

Boost your dragons' stats with a three-mana spell! Increases the attack and movement speed of all units within its huge effective radius, substantially increasing their power and transforming them into ferocious creatures capable of destroying towers in seconds. When placed in the wrong place or at the wrong time, though, it can be a waste of Mana.

Rarity: Rare Mana Cost: 6

Radius: 2

Area Damage: 700

You can destroy a push, a building, or... your Mana for a whopping 6 Mana. Be careful not to miss because the excessively high damage comes with an absurdly narrow area of effect. Support dragons, expensive buildings, and Crown Towers are all recommended targets; if you hit all three, you'll gain a reward - best shooter in the world!

Rarity: Common Mana Cost: 2

Radius: 2.5

Area Damage: 75

Instant stun for just 2 mana. What's not to enjoy about this? With immediate low damage that can cripple or destroy low hitpoint dragons, the Root is frequently the lifeline against swarms. Force foes to re-target, reset assaults, or finish things off with that bit more damage.

Rarity: Epic Mana Cost: 4

Radius: 3.5

Area Damage: 456

It's a 4-mana area damaging spell with a wide radius and somewhat high damage throughout the course of its duration. It generates a circular area where opposing troops and structures are slowly damaged over time.

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