PvP (Arena)

Arena mode is a perfect mode for those who have skills and want to show off! You will need to spend tickets to join it (each user has 5 free tickets per day but only paid tickets are counted in the ena leaderboard)
Besides, you can enjoy spinning gacha in-game and try your luck. Top gacha buyers will receive rewards.
Arena Battle' on the right side
Free users have 5 tickets to play PvP daily. Once you have run out of free tickets, then you will need to buy tickets in-game to play. That’s when free users become paid users. Note: Only paid tickets will be registered in the leaderboard.
Free users will still get rank points and rewards after the battle. Below is the current PvP reward system
Free tickets:
Win: 8 DOR + 40 Gold + Rankpoint
Lose: 0 DOR + 0 Gold + Rankpoint (-)
Draw: 4 DOR + 20 Gold + Rankpoint
Paid tickets: Win: 20 DOR + 100 Gold + Rankpoint
Lose: 0 DOR + 0 Gold + Rankpoint (-)
Draw: 10 DOR + 50 Gold + Rankpoint
Last modified 3mo ago